Welcome to Lilydale Preschool

At Lilydale Preschool we believe that learning is a journey to be enjoyed. Our play-based curriculum allows children to be children and encourages them to become self-confident, questioning and adventurous young people. The Lilydale Preschool program is guided by children’s interests, current research and the early years learning and development frameworks.

The aim of Lilydale Preschool is to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for preschool aged children at our centre to begin to grow and develop as learners and as caring, positive people. We encourage and support the varying levels of development and maturity in the children by providing flexible, appealing and age appropriate activities. The staff support and guide the children in the progression from becoming preschool children to school children. We welcome and encourage parents to participate in the preschool activities and learn about childhood development during this process.